Ruminoantacid box

Supports Recovery From Acidosis of the Rumen

Ruminoantacid is a complex product formulated to support the management of acidosis in animals which have over consumed and an unsuitable diet. The product contains a range of buffers and yeast to help stabilise rumen pH.Supports recovery from acidosis of the rumen. Following excessive consumption of cereals or rapidly fermentable concentrates.

Supporting acid metabolism in ruminants with acute ruminal acidosis and heat stress.
– Alkalising Agents to quickly stabilise rumen pH
– Buffers work in response to presence of acids
– Yeast to help stabilise rumen Ph and support repopulation of rumen.
– Trace Element important for microbial repopulation in the rumen
– B-Vitamins often in short supply post acidosis


Can be fed to support animals suffering from transition acidosis and following excessive consumption of rapidly digestible starch (for example concentrates, cereals).

Feeding Instructions

Adult Sheep: 1 sachet of 100g or 1/4 of a sachets of 320g

The powder can be put into suspension in water and slowly fed using a bottle or a stomach tube.

Ruminoantacid can be fed every 8 to 24 hours, depending on the requirements or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

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