Production to the highest standards

The production of our nutraceutical products is based on GMP+ standards. It is this quality and combined with a passion for animal nutraceuticals that make Mervue Laboratories the leading specialist in multi-species nutrition.


Research and development are key to the success of Mervue Laboratories and is at the heart of everything we do. Mervue Laboratories employs a team of highly qualified nutritionists, veterinary doctors and chemists who use the latest research from across the world to formulate the highest quality products.

Central to our teams R&D approach is collaborating in new and dynamic ways with other innovators across the industry including academic scientists, nutritionists, veterinary scientists and our customers.

We focus our efforts in core areas where we believe Mervue is best positioned to bring unique, premium products to our customers to maximise the health, wellbeing and lifecycle of animals. Today our pipeline is comprised of over 20 new and innovative projects.

Certification and Testing

Mervue Laboratories certified for racing programme

To meet the growing demand from trainers and all those concerned with racing. Mervue Laboratories have created the Mervue certified for racing programme.

The programme certifies that what is on the label is in the product and that every product is tested for prohibited substances.

All the products of Mervue ranges across all the species we manufacture for are produced to the highest quality standards in Cork, Ireland under EU licence and GMP pharma quality standard.

Mervue is also happy to confirm that the racing products of the Mervue Equine and Camel ranges are tested in one of the world’s premier independent, internationally trusted drug surveillance laboratories before being released for use with performance horses and camels.


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