Farrow Max


✓Boosts piglet vitality

✓Decreased farrowing duration

✓ Improved appetite in sows after farrowing

✓Improved colostrum quality

✓Supports immunity, metabolism & liver function

Farrow Max Benefits

            • Boosts energy prior to farrowing
            • Decreases farrowing duration & reduces stillbirths
            • Improves piglet vitality
            • Boosts sow appetite after farrowing
            • Improves colostrum quality

Feeding Instructions

Feed 125g/sow/day with feed for 5 – 7 days prior to farrowing.

Place directly into feed trough. This product can be fed up to parturition. Do not feed once the sow has farrowed.

12.5kg drum – 100 Feeds per Bucket

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