Muscle support & development

To supplement amino acids and other nutrients to support muscle development in the horse.

Creatine: The effect of creatine is that it allows the muscles to store more energy. This allows muscles to be able to contract more intensely, for longer duration and more frequently. Creatine also helps the body’s ability to produce the proteins used during muscle contraction and results in increased muscle density, size and strength.

✓ Creatine increases strength and power

✓ Creatine can boost sports endurance

✓ Creatine will boost powerful starts

✓ Creatine can delay the onset of fatigue


Gamma oryzanol: Gamma Oryzanol is an antioxidant that contains natural components of rice bran and supports protein synthesis. Gamma-oryzanol promotes the development of lean muscle mass and is used in accelerating weight gain and increasing lean to fat ratios in horses. Benefits to the cardiovascular system includes reducing harmful LDL serum cholesterol and plaque build-up on artery walls. Increased Equine Physical performance and stamina have been attributed to the consumption of gamma-oryzanol, this is likely related to growth and lean muscle development.

Carnitine: L-Carnitine will help to release more energy during warm up, allows rapid recovery after hard work and helps to prevent exhaustion and is a natural amino acid and does not contain any banned substances. L-Carnitine Improves performance & endurance and supports muscle fatigue. L-Carnitine plays an important role in energy metabolism. It carries Long chain fatty acids into mitochondria (the cell furnace) where they are converted into energy for muscle contraction.

Amino acids: Are critical to your horse’s health. There are 21 different amino acidsused as building blocks to form proteins. Your horse needs all 21 of these building blocks to build those proteins in his body. The power of nature is such that a horse can create 12 of those amino acids himself without a dietary source (other than carbon and nitrogen). For the other nine, however, he’ll need some outside help.Horses do need more amino acids when they’re growing because they’re producing muscles, which are built from proteins.

Feeding Instructions

Adult Horse 25g morning and evening mixed in feed (1 heaped scoop 25g)

Yearling 50g morning and evening mixed in feed

Foal 15g morning and evening mixed in feed

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