The role of a dog’s skin is to provide an essential barrier to protect them from injury, excessive moisture loss (or entry) and infection. It is the largest and most metabolically active organ of the dogs body. A loss of the integrity in the dogs skin barrier can lead to infection in the skin (pyoderma) or colonisation of the skin with a yeast called Malassezia, which typically causes a strong smell of dog in the household and around the pet.

Photographed below, Italian Weimaraner who was suffering from coat, skin and paw irritations, as well as red skin and bald areas. Having received local treatments through antibiotics for these skin related issues there was very little improvement.  However, after being administered with SUPERCOAT DOG, owners stated that the dogs skin began to improve quickly after one week with positive changes in his behaviour as well.

SUPERCOAT DOG is a nutritional supplement developed and formulated by Mervue laboratories that provides nutritional support to the skin and hair coat of dogs. It contains sunflower oil (omega 6), zinc, vitamin E, biotin and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) which are important for maintaining the skin barrier, preventing infection and supplying essential nutrients for coat shine and lustre.

SUPERCOAT DOG is available in paste and liquid formulations.  The liquid formulation should be mixed into wet food. The paste formulation can be administered either directly into food or smeared on the dogs’ lips or feet, so they lick it off.


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