Tom Martyn farms approximately 40 British Friesian dairy cows, 40 yearlings and 40 calves on 100 acres in Co. Galway, Ireland
Having a herd which includes a lot of young cattle, yearlings and calves requires a significant amount of care and attention in order to prevent sickness and disease. This is particularly important coming into the winter months. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that preventive measures are in place in order to combat diseases.

Kevin Conroy from Mervue Laboratories and Inform Nutrition met with Tom Martyn to discuss his use of RESPIRON on farm. Tom, who purchases RESPIRON from merchant Paddy Fitzgerald, has been using RESPIRON for a couple of years now and is very happy with the results. “I use RESPIRON at housing and at weaning”. When asked how he felt the product was performing, Tom replied that the first thing he noticed was the improvement in their overall health, immunity and healthy coats, “On RESPIRON my cattle turned inside out!”.

RESPIRON is a natural support to maintaining a healthy respiratory system in calves and young cattle. It is a combination of antioxidants herbs and natural oils to support the respiratory and immune system of calves and weanlings. With an appetite stimulant added to encourage feed intake as poor feed intake in weaned animals is a major cause of stress.
Kevin Conroy adds “RESPIRON contains many active ingredients such as echinacea, vitamin C and a herbal blend that supports the animal’s ability to fight respiratory infection by helping the efficient function of naturally occurring immunoglobulin.” RESPIRON can be fed to animals at weaning, at housing, after taking home from sales, prior to risk periods, at the first sign of respiratory problems or in support of veterinary treatment. By feeding RESPIRON it supports the reduction of stress, better performance and easy breathing. RESPIRON can be feed by mixing the powder with feed or alternatively can be administered by an easy to use paste.

Kevin Conroy further added “Like many RESPIRON customers, Tom has been using RESPIRON for many years and is satisfied with the results that he has received and will continue to use this product in the future.”

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