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At Mervue Equine, we are passionate about improving equine health and performance. We strive to set the standard for research, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the wellbeing and welfare of horses worldwide.
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Multivitamin daily feed balancer.

SuperBooster Syrup is a highly palatable, molasses-based, multivitamin, antioxidant, trace element, and amino acid daily balancer for all types of horses. It is scientifically formulated to provide all the key nutrients required to support performance horses in training or pre-training. SuperBooster is also ideal as a supplement for promoting appetite in fussy eaters and horses on low-concentrate feeding, especially older horses and ponies.

SuperBooster balances the daily feed ration of the horse, supporting the efficient utilization and metabolism of the nutrients within daily feed rations, as well as providing additional essential nutrients to support immunity, oxidative stress reduction, growth, development and performance.

Features and Benefits :

  • Contains 30 key nutrients.
  • Highly concentrated and palatable for easy daily use.
  • Removes guesswork from balancing the daily feed ration.
  • Improved topline condition and muscle development.
  • Supports the immune system through multiple pathways.
  • Helps horses consistently achieve their genetic potential.


Feeding & Use:

SuperBooster should be added to normal feed

All Horses: Feed 60 ml per day
Ponies & Foals: Feed 30 ml per day

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available

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