Super E

Soluble Vitamin E + Selenium

Super E is formulated to support:

  •  The management of white muscle disease
  • Nutritional maintenance
  • The immune system
  • Animal under stress caused by mixing livestock, transportation, weaning and poor environment all need more vitamin E
Product application:

✓Can be added to Water

✓Can be used through drenching guns

✓Applied directly to feed

Feeding Instructions

  • Sheep, Goats 2ml per 50kg bodyweight
  • Lambs 2ml per animal per day

Repeat if necessary after 3 weeks


Also suitable for Poultry and a range of other animals. For further technical information contact the technical department at Mervue Laboratories Ireland. The Selenium content of this product contributes to the daily selenium requirement.

Do not feed any other animals without veterinary advice.

For animals use only.

Shake well before use.

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