StartAid Piglet

Easy Weaning Support & Electrolyte Recovery

Easy weaning booster to support:

  • Early consumption of solid feed after weaning reduces the stress of weaning and gives the piglet the best start.
  • Weaning time where piglets are stressed and where feed intake is low. At this time Start-Aid helps to maintain blood vitamin and glucose levels.
  • Improvement of water and electrolyte balance in piglets during periods of digestive upset (diarrhoea).


✓Gut function

✓Increased digestive activity


Feeding Instructions

For oral use in piglets up to 35kg. Add 80g (1 scoop) to 2 Litres of water and mix thoroughly. Feed ad lib in clean container to provide easy access for the smaller weak piglets. Feed ad lib at weaning time to support the piglets immediate consumption of solid food.

In cases of supporting the piglet during digestive disturbances (diarrhoea) also feed ad lib. Start Aid may be mixed with warm or cold water, however piglets prefer a warm solution.

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