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At Mervue our company mission is to discover and develop innovative animal nutrition based health products to support pig health and wellness from birth through to growth, production, reproduction and breeding. Each product in the Mervue Pig Range has been veterinary formulated to provide effective nutritional support to maximise health and performance in pigs worldwide
Biting & Behavior

Shield Plus

A specially developed topical liquid spray fluid for tail, ear and flank biting in pigs.

A unique formula containing a combination of ingredients which:
✓ Reduces incidence and severity of tail biting
✓ Supports healing
✓ Supports the reduction of lesion severity
✓ Wards off biters
✓ Is safe to use with pigs


  •  Easy to apply
  • Has a carefully selected unpleasant and repellent taste
  • Has a bright blue colour & sticky texture for good coverage
  • Improves pig welfare
  • Supports healing after tail biting outbreaks
  • Reduces impact of tail, ear and flank biting on bitten pigs
  • Reduces likelihood of repeated biting outbreaks
  • Reduces likelihood of condemnations
  • Lowers susceptibility to secondary infections in bitten pigs
  • Potential to decrease antibiotic usage

Feeding Instructions

Apply Shield Plus generously to the affected tail and surrounding area of the pigs in the pen.
• Spray every two days
• Repeat as required

Warnings: The product may cause eye irritation. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Gloves should be worn when using the product. Avoid hand to mouth contact. Wash hands after use.

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