Rumen Booster

Optimising Rumen Function

For freshly calved cows, calves and racing camels. Providing a speedy means to support normalising of digestive disturbances of either a primary or secondary nature.

What are the B Vitamins in RUMEN BOOSTER for?

RUMEN BOOSTER contains the water soluble B vitamins thiamine, cobalamin and niacin. In animals that have reduced appetite, metabolic disease, infection or is metabolising body condition requirements for these b-vitamins are increased. At the same time endogenous synthesis of B vitamins by the rumen microflora is reduced because of poor feed intake poor microbial activity and reduced fermentation.

Rumen Booster supports

Recovery after calving

The reduction of the risk of ketosis

✓Loss of appetite


✓-Natal Scours

✓ stasis

✓Recovery after Surgery

Feeding Instructions

Adult Sheep & Goats: 30g in milk twice daily for a week

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