Cow Range
At Mervue our company mission is to discover and develop innovative animal nutraceutical products to maximise the health and wellbeing of cows worldwide. Each product in the Mervue Ruminant Range has been veterinary formulated to provide effective nutritional support to the immune system and metabolic health of the cow.
Rumen Function

Rumen Booster

Restoring Appetite and Rumen Function during periods of Digestive Disturbance and Heat Stress.
Rumen Booster supports:
  • Animals off feed
  • Recovering from illness or veterinary treatment
  • As part of treatment protocols for treatment of metabolic disease
    example ketosis
  •  Anorexic animals. Example cows suffering from metritis/septic mastitis
  •  Animals suffering heat stress
  • Cows after calving
Optimising Rumen Function

RUMEN BOOSTER is formulated to:
✓ Stimulate microbial activity in the rumen
✓ Stimulate metabolism
✓ Stimulate appetite
✓ Stimulate liver
✓ Stabilise rumen pH
✓ Boost recovery

Feeding Instructions

Cows – Feed the contents of one sachet (100g) mixed in feed twice daily for 4 days for optimum results.

Cows after calving – 1 sachet immediately after calving. If appetite is reduced give the contents of 2 sachets (200g) twice daily for 2 days.

Young Cattle – Feed as above giving half quantities in each case

Calves – Feed 15g in milk daily for a week

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