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At Mervue Equine, we are passionate about improving equine health and performance. We strive to set the standard for research, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the wellbeing and welfare of horses worldwide.
Electrolytes & Recovery


Racing Recovery Support for horses

Formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in racing, training, competition and transport.

Supporting :

  • Rehydration
  • Recovery
  • Horses prone to ‘tying up’
  • Normal electrolyte balance
  • Nerve system
  • Muscle function
  • Red blood cell production

Sweating results in the loss of essential electrolytes. If these losses are not replaced, metabolic imbalances may occur. These can result in lactic acid build up, dehydration, decreased performance and tying up.

Feeding Instructions

Directions for use – Liquid:

Horses in training: Feed 60ml daily

Foals and Yearlings: Feed 30ml daily

Horse recovering from anaemia: Feed 60ml daily

Directions for use – Paste:

As a dietary supplement: 5ml daily

As an additional source of iron: 5ml twice a day


Note: Free access to fresh drinking water should be available at all times

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