ProBio Forte

Digestive & Gastric support for horses

Threonine – An essential amino acid for gut health. High concentrations of Threonine are needed for mucous secretion in the gut. These secretions help protect the gut wall from: – Pathogens and endotoxins – Water loss – Physical damage – Digestive enzymes
B Vitamins – Promoting a healthy digestion in your horse. Supporting against inappetence
Vitamin E – Improved immune response and disease resistance
Vitamin C – Natural antioxidant

When to use Pro-Bio:

• Following deworming

• During veterinary treatment

• During and after antibiotic treatment

• Colic

• During digestive disorders

• During incidence of diarrhoea

Feeding Instructions

POWDER (Long term use)

Probio Forte is a long term in feed formula which should be fed for as long as is considered necessary

Horses: Feed 10g per head per day (2 heaped scoops).
In times of stress feed 20g per head per day.
Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available.

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