Liverpak Gold

Supporting Liver Function in dairy cows, cattle and sheep

The process of calving and the onset of lactation involve significant endocrine (hormone) changes for the cow. The onset of lactation sees a rapid increase in demand for glucose and amino acids for milk production putting significant pressure on the liver.

The above coupled with the mobilisation of body fat can put additional pressure on liver function and subsequent dairy cow performance, increasing the risk of metabolic disease. The metabolism of fat also creates significant quantities of free radicals. These if not oxidised have potential to damages cells further effecting metabolism. Free radicals effect the immune system increasing the likely hood of infections.

Liverpak Gold

Is a blend of natural plant extracts and synthetic vitamins to support cows, before and after calving, and cows suffering or recovering from metabolic disease. Liverpak has also shown positive effects on photosynthesivity in calves & heifers.

Liverpak supports:
  • The reduction of blood enzymes and supporting the increase in blood glucose levels for maximum performance.
  • Metabolism and removal of fat from the liver
  • Glucogenesis, antioxidant status and immune system
  • Rumen protected carnithine – involved in transport of fat into the liver cell, enabling its efficient oxidation.
  • Rumen protected methionine – precursor to cysteine, acts as a methyl donor, supports fat metabolism and removal in the liver. Cysteine is an important antioxidant in the liver
  • Niacin removal of ketones which reduce feed intake
  • B-vitamins to help overall metabolism
  • Rosemary, artichoke and milk thistle are strong natural antioxidants which support bile flow and liver function
  • Vitamin E & C synthetic antioxidants support the immune system
  • The liver under stress due to antibiotic treatment
  • The liver under stress due to posioning

Feeding Instructions

  • Dairy Cows: Feed 60ml daily
  • Cattle: Feed 60ml daily
  • Sheep: Feed 10ml daily

LIVERPAK should be fed for 3-5 days according to the individual requirements of the cow being supplemented.


Fresh drinking water should always be available

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