Sheep Range
At Mervue, we strive to set the standard for discovery, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the health of animals worldwide. Mervue’s Sheep Range has been veterinary formulated to provide effective nutritional support to maximise milk yields, meat production, fertility and proactively support the immune system and health of the animal.
Early Life Immunity & Growth

Lamb Aid

Lamb bottle and paste
Nutrients to support activity & appetite, colostrum intake, immunity & growth in the new born Lamb.

Lamb Aid + C-Guard is a blend of plant extracts & essential oils formulated to support the natural management of immunity and gut health.

Lamb Aid contains the following components:

  •  C-Guard – The Unique Blend of Essential Oils
  •  Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K
  •  Water soluble vitamins B, C
  • Trace elements and chelated minerals
For supplementing essential vitamins and minerals to lambs and hoggets to support:

✓ Suckling and Colostrum intake

✓ Immune system and Gut Health

✓ Energy

✓ Appetite

✓ Growth rates

Feeding Instructions

Liquid- 250ml

  • 3ml for new born lamb
  • 6ml per lamb under 12kg – can be repeated after 5 days
  • 10ml for lambs over 12kg – can be repeated after 5 days

Paste – 30ml

Orally feed during the critical period after birth. Feed 5ml to new born lambs within the first 12 hours of life. Repeat when necessary for weaker lambs

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