Poultry Range
Mervue’s Avi Vit range is the dedicated range of specially formulated products for the poultry sector. The Avi Vit range is designed to address the needs of the birds, veterinarians and farmers. The Mervue Avi Vit range consists of tailor made solutions. Mervue’s Avi Vit products are formulated to boost poultry performance in the specific situations encountered at farm level, at each stage of production and the unique poultry health conditions with proven results.
Poultry Probiotics


Soluble Probiotic Powder

A highly concentrated Probiotic feed supplement supporting poultry performance in broilers, layers, breeders, turkeys, quail, guinea fowl and game birds for fattening.

Lactigrow supports the health status and improves performance

✓ First days of Life

✓ After antibiotic treatment

✓ Times of stress (Transport, feed changing)

Feeding Instructions

  • Add 1 x 100g sachet per 1000L water
  • Use for 3 days

*For water application only

Complementary Feedingstuff for use in drinking water.

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