Sheep Range
At Mervue, we strive to set the standard for discovery, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the health of animals worldwide. Mervue’s Sheep Range has been veterinary formulated to provide effective nutritional support to maximise milk yields, meat production, fertility and proactively support the immune system and health of the animal.
Metabolic Disorders

Ketovit+ for Sheep

For sheep at risk of ketosis and twin-lamb disease. An energy source for sick ovines.

Reducing the risk of ketosis & twin-lamb disease to promote glycogenesis, reduce lipolysis, support the removals of ketones, support liver function and appetite and to help to reduce the risk of ketosis and fatty liver development in sheep,

Formulated to support:

✓ Boosts Metabolism
✓ Metabolisation of Ketones
✓ Provides a very available source of energy
✓ Improves Liver Function
✓ Boosts Feed Intake

Feeding Instructions

Sheep & Goats: 100ml daily for 6 days.
Can be administered between 6 weeks before and 3 weeks after parturition

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