Canine Range
Canine Immunity & Wellbeing

Veterinary Recommended Minerals & Vitamins for Dogs

Minerals and Vitamins are an essential part of your dog’s good health. To ensure your dog is always in top form, feed a healthy, quality food, and GoldForte when necessary.


  • Healthy immune system and vitality
  • Growth and strong bones in young dogs

 GoldForte – Contains


✓ Thiamine B1


✓Folic Acid

✓Choline Chloride

Feeding Instructions

Suitable for puppies after weaning.

*Mix well into food.

  • Puppy: – 10kg, 3g to 6 g
  • Young Dogs: – 20kg, 6g to 12g
  • Adult Dogs: – 30 kg, 9g to 18g
  • Large Adult Dogs: – 40kg, 12g to 24g
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