Cow Range
At Mervue our company mission is to discover and develop innovative animal nutraceutical products to maximise the health and wellbeing of cows worldwide. Each product in the Mervue Ruminant Range has been veterinary formulated to provide effective nutritional support to the immune system and metabolic health of the cow.
Post Calving Recovery

First Energy

Supporting recovery from calving

First Energy Supplies:

  • High levels of available MAGNESIUM
  • High levels of available CALCIUM
  • Rapidly available CALCIUM PROPIONATE
  • High levels of available BIOTIN
  • Source of YEAST EXTRACT
First Energy Contains:

✓ Magnesium

✓Vitamin E

✓Nicotinic acid + Vitamins B1, B2, B6 & B12

Feeding Instructions

Dissolve one sachet in 20 litres of warm water and feed to the cow by means of pump or stomach tube.

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