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At Mervue Equine, we are passionate about improving equine health and performance. We strive to set the standard for research, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the wellbeing and welfare of horses worldwide.
Optimum Skeletal Development & Conformation


For optimum skeletal development and conformation for mares in foal, weanlings, yearlings and two year olds.

The foundation for a horse’s future success can be laid down before the horse is born. Ensuring the breeding mare has the correct balance is key for optimum development and conformation in the foal. EquoCalmin will also support the young horse to give the horse the best start in life.

Features and Benefits :

  • Supports pregnant mares, supplying key nutrients for optimal metabolism, health, colostrum quality, foaling while reducing the risk of metabolic diseases. Chelated trace elements include Copper, Manganese, Zinc which cross the placenta & are stored in the foals liver. These provide a source for the foal in its first weeks of life including copper which is important for preventing developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD).
  • Lactating Mares – supplying key nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus support milk production and optimise foal growth while vitamins A & E play a key role in fertility.
  • Foals, Yearlings and two-year-olds are are often deficient in key elements for bone development (reduce risk of developmental orthopaedic disease DOD). Providing essential minerals can ensure normal metabolism and growth & a healthy immune system.

Feeding & Use

(1 level scoop 60 g)

Mare in foal: 120 g per day
Lactating Mare: 120 g per day
Weanling: 60 g per day
Yearling: 60 g per day
Two year old: 60 g per day

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