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At Mervue Equine, we are passionate about improving equine health and performance. We strive to set the standard for research, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the wellbeing and welfare of horses worldwide.
Energy Release

Energy 1000 A&B

Two step racing boosters for maximum energy release during racing.

Unique 2 step formulation to supplement vitamins and essential
nutrients to support energy metabolism and release before the race.

Features and Benefits :

Readily absorbed to provide extra support for the equine athlete when needed most.

Paste A contains:

  • Calcium Chelate-Increasing insulin sensitivity which means more glucose can get into cells and be burnt as a source of energy during racing.
  • DMG- reduces lactic acid buildup.
  • Vitamin D3- improved muscle function.

Paste B contains: 

  • Carnitine- Important in the production of energy. A Cofactor for cellular metabolism & immune support.
  • Pantothenic Acid – Involved in:
    – Metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, maintenance of blood sugars & Haemoglobin synthesis.
    – BCAA’s to support maximum effort 7 recovery.
    – Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant for muscle support.
    – B Vitamins – for optimum energy and protein utilisation.

Feeding & Use

Energy1000 A Paste
Feed 60 ml 6 hours before strenuous exercise.

Energy1000 B Paste
Feed 60 ml 3 hours before strenuous exercise.

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