Joint Health & Mobility

Veterinary Formulated for Dog Mobility

Triple Action formula for healthy joints and muscles

EliteFlex Forte has been specifically formulated for dogs to support maintenance of joints and cartilage from injury. Periods of high activity place additional demands and wear on the mobility of the dog. In addition natural ageing slows down the natural renewal process of the older dog.

EliteFlex Forte Contains:

Omega 3

Hyaluronic Acid 


Chondroitin Sulphate 

Chelated Zinc 

Vitamin E 

Feeding Instructions

Suitable for puppies after weaning.

*Mix well into food.

  • Small Dogs: Up to 5kg, 2ml daily for 30 days
  • Medium Dogs: 5 – 15 kg, 4ml daily for 30 days
  • Large Dogs: 15 – 30 kg, 8ml daily for 30 days
  • Very Large Dogs: 30kg +, 12ml daily for 30 days
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