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At Mervue Equine, we are passionate about improving equine health and performance. We strive to set the standard for research, development and manufacturing of high quality veterinary formulated nutraceuticals to maximise the wellbeing and welfare of horses worldwide.
Mobility Support

EliteFlex Forte

Mobility support

EliteFlex Forte supports:

✓ Healthy joints

✓ Mobility

✓ Minimising inflammation

✓ Extremely palatable


  • Omega 3 research has shown Omega 3 may safely aid the relief the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, as well as slowing joint dehydration.
  • Glucosamine enhances the level of glycosaminoglycans in the joint. These are the ‘building blocks’ in the cartilage matrix. Glucosamine will increase the hyaluronate content in the joint. Hyaluronate is a fundamental component of synovial fluid-the joint lubricant.
  • Chondroitin Sulphate is a natural ‘water magnet’ in the joint to withstand constant compression and concussion. Chondroitin sulphate also inhibits ‘the cartilage chewing’ enzymes that are present in damaged joints
  • Chelated Zinc – Together with sulphur forms the structural tissue we know as keratin
  • Vitamin E – Proven antioxidant
  • Lysine – Essential building block for muscle protein

Feeding Instructions

EliteFlex Forte should be added to the normal feed ration.

  • Horses:  To Start: Feed 50g per day for 60-120 days.
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