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Diagel for Dogs and Cats

We are delighted to introduce our new and improved Diagel for Dogs and Cats. Diagel 4x10g is now specifically formulated to restore natural bowel movements and aid in the management of diarrhoea and constipation in dogs and cats.

Diagel for Dogs and Cats  contains the following active ingredients:

✓  Psyllium husk

How Psyllium works: 

Constipation: In cases of constipation, the mucilage effects of psyllium helps to soften faeces and also increase the volume and bulk of faeces causing distension of the intestine. In response to distension intestinal peristalsis is initiated to relieve the constipation.

Diarrhoea: Psyllium in the intestinal tract absorbs excessive water to form mucilage, which helps to reduce the liquid content of the faeces and improves stool consistency, decreases urgency and alleviates diarrhoea.

✓  Electrolytes : Addition to psyllium husk, Diagel also contains electrolytes and glucose. Electrolytes are included to help to restore disturbances in electrolyte balance following diarrhoea and glucose is included as a rapid, easily utilised energy source.

Diagel restores natural bowel movements by:

✓ Absorbing water and being fed in the gel format, Diagel, softens hardened stools and promotes normal intestinal movement.

✓ When fed dry, Diagel absorbs intestinal liquid to improve the consistency of faeces, decrease urgency and reduce the number of diarrhoea episodes.

✓ Diagel can aid in the management of hair shedding in all long coat breeds of cats by facilitating the excretion of hair and reducing furball.

✓ It is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disturbances such as constipation and diarrhoea.

Feeding Instructions

Diagel can be given with food or be dissolved in hand-warm water (10g Diagel per 125ml of water). Diagel can be sprinkled over moist or wet food. If dry food is fed, then Diagel can be pre-dissolved in tepid water first and the solution poured over the dry food.

Pets should be supervised while feeding.

Weight Quantity
Kitten 1-2kg ½ sachet (5g)
Cat <5kg 1 sachet (10g)
Puppy <2kg ½ sachet (5g)
Small Dog 5-10kg 2 sachets (20g)
Medium Dog 10-20kg 4 sachets (40g)
Large Dog 20-30kg 3 sachet (60g)
Very Large Dog >30kg 4 sachet (80g)

Diagel is contraindicated in cases of intestinal obstruction.

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