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Supporting horses with Spasmodic Colic

Colic symptoms appear suddenly, not gradually and can include:

  • Pawing, Rolling, Bloating, Sweating, Distress, Uneasiness
  • Loss of interest in food and water
  • Peculiar postures, such as sitting or stretching
  • Absence of gut sounds
  • Decreased faeces production and/or dryness of manure

Key Features:

Some common causes of colic include:

• High grain-based diets/low-forage diets without enough roughage.

• Mouldy or tainted feed or an abrupt change in feed

• Parasite infestation, especially from worms. • Lack of water consumption, which can in turn cause an impaction to occur.

• Sand ingestion and accumulation in the bowel over time

Feeding Instructions

Feed 80ml or as directed by a veterinary surgeon. Can be fed again after 4 hours. In situations of recovery from Colic it is recommended to feed ProbioForte for a period of 1 month to support the recovery of the horse.

Note: Fresh drinking water should always be available

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