Cal Plus for Cows

For the provision of a supplementary source of Calcium to cows

Product application

At the onset of lactation, the cow requirement for calcium increases significantly. Research indicates that a significant number of older and higher yielding animals suffer from some level of calcium deficiency. Clinical and subclinical calcium deficiency can lead to a number of metabolic problems around calving, incuding milk fever, ketosis retained placenta as well as recumbancy.

Cal Plus contains:
  • 50 grams of both a FAST and SLOW release source of calcium. The fast source increases blood calcium quickly with the slow release source providing calcium over a more sustained period.
  • A source of Anion
  • An energy source
  • Vitamin D3

Feeding Instructions


1 bottle of Cal Plus when you see the cow sick to calve.


A second bottle may be fed immediately after calving

*Shake well before use.

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