Poultry Range
Mervue’s Avi Vit range is the dedicated range of specially formulated products for the poultry sector. The Avi Vit range is designed to address the needs of the birds, veterinarians and farmers. The Mervue Avi Vit range consists of tailor made solutions. Mervue’s Avi Vit products are formulated to boost poultry performance in the specific situations encountered at farm level, at each stage of production and the unique poultry health conditions with proven results.
Poultry Electrolytes

Avilyte Extra

Concentrated Water Soluble Electrolyte Solution

Water is the most important nutrient for Poultry. Heat stress increases water consumption by at least five times the normal level in temperate zones. Exposure to heat stress for long periods suppresses the responsiveness of the immune system. Increased levels of corticosteroids in the blood reduce the activity and population of lymphocytes in the blood.


 ✓ B-Vitamins


Feeding Instructions

500g per 1000 litres of drinking water

  • Use appropriate quantities of clean drinking water and AviLyte Extra powder to make the solution
  • Use the solution immediately after preparation

Complementary Feedingstuff for use in drinking water.

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