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Mervue’s Avi Vit range is the dedicated range of specially formulated products for the poultry sector. The Avi Vit range is designed to address the needs of the birds, veterinarians and farmers. The Mervue Avi Vit range consists of tailor made solutions. Mervue’s Avi Vit products are formulated to boost poultry performance in the specific situations encountered at farm level, at each stage of production and the unique poultry health conditions with proven results.
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Avi Vit Chick Gel

Supporting Hydration & Vitality

Avi Vit START AID Chick Gel is a unique formula developed by Mervue Laboratories Ireland specially for day-old chicks to provide quick hydration, energy, early gut protection and development. It is specially formulated based on young poultry nutrition requirements and can be used for all poultry species starting from the 1st day of life.

✓ Lower 1st week mortality
✓ Better 7 days weight gain
✓ Better weight at processing
✓ Quick to prepare
✓ Easy to apply
✓ Non-sticky formula
✓ Tasty formula, no bad taste preservatives
✓ Holds up to 72 hours
✓ Low product dosage required

Feeding Instructions

Add on 400g pack into 10 litres of clean drinking water at room temperature. Allow to stand for approximately 10 minutes, stirring once.

For best results use within 12 hours. 10 litres is sufficient for 10,000 chicks (1g per chick) Or 5000 turkeys.

For other species consult our nutritionists.

Contents 400g

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