Avi Vit 33 – Selenobooster

Avi Vit 33 Selenobooster

Vitamin-mineral liquid nutritional supplement

Avi Vit 33 SELENOBOOSTER is a unique concentrated formulation based on a blend of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids developed by Mervue Laboratories in Ireland. It is intended for use in animal production for increasing and supporting performance.

This oral solution product is indicated to fulfil the daily needs of vitamins, calcium amino-acids and selenium levels for broilers and laying hens in intensive breeding farms.

The solution is recommended for:

✓ Improving the performance, daily weight gain and feed conversion

✓ Improving the development of the young broiler chicks and stimulate the feather growth

✓ Reducing stress after vaccinations, transport, change of the feed

✓ Improving the egg numbers, quality of the eggs and improving shell quality.

Feeding Instructions

500ml product for 1,000 litres of drinking water, for 3 -5 days, especially for the first five days of life. At this time, stress from bacteria, mycotoxins and immunodeficiency is very high.

Complementary Feedingstuff for use in drinking water

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