Mervue Laboratories Commercial Director, William Twomey visiting our partners in Beijing, China during the month of November. Visiting our global business partners is an important attribute in which we place great emphasis on.  It gives Mervue Laboratories  the opportunity to grow and develop our ongoing partnerships and future growth together.  Our company ethos has always been a collaborative process between our professionals and our customers around the world. We recognise that working together we can make world leading products.




While in China, Commercial Director, William Twomey  was on farm discussing animal nutrition and the future of nutraceuticals for animal health.




William Twomey photographed here introducing Mervue Laboratories product range and discussing the benefits of using Mervue’s products. The future is nutrition based health and prevention is key to increase immunity & disease resistance, optimise animal production, reduce severity symptoms & shorten duration and Support existing medicines.

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