Calf Range
Gut Health & Immunity

Milkshake C-Guard

Nutrients to support growth and health for calves fed cows milk or milk-replacer.

Milkshake C-GUARD has all the benefits of Milkshake plus additional Vitamin C,Vitamin E, natural antioxidants and C-Guard, a unique blend of essential oils. Including natural plant extracts which have been used for centuries as a natural support for the natural management of gut health.


✓ Gut Health

✓ Immunity

✓ Performance

✓ Growth

✓ Reduction of Nutritional Diarrhoea

✓ Reduction of Digestive Disturbances

Feeding Instructions

Feeding Instructions:

Mix 15g (1 scoop) with 4.5 litres of milk or milk replacer.

If milk curdles it is still perfectly safe to feed to calves. In fact milk curdles in the calf’s stomach shortly after feeding and is an important part of the normal digestion process.

Automatic Feeder Instructions:

Calves on 6 litres of milk per day set at 2.5 grams per litre =15 grams per calf per day.

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