SuperBooster for Sheep

Support for Health, Thrive and Fertility

Super Booster for sheep is formulated to support:

✓Ewe fertility & lambing rate

✓Ram fertility & endurance


✓Immunity & vaccine response

✓Reduce lamb mortality

✓Colostrum quality


• Sheep 3 to 4 weeks prior to mating

• Rams 1 weekly for 4 weeks before breeding season

• Sheep 4 weeks before Lambing

• 3 weeks after birth • For sheep with poor performance

• When drenching for parasites

• Sheep and Rams after any veterinary treatment

Feeding Instructions

  • Ewes: 15ml per adult ewe (approx weight 70kg)
  • Rams: 15ml 4 to 6 weeks prior to tupping
  • Lambs: 10kg 3ml
  • Lambs: 20kg 5ml
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