Super Phos for Sheep

Liquid Phosphorus / Calcium supplement plus Vitamin D3

Each bottle of Super Phos contains:

  • 45g Phosphorus
  • Contains Vitamin D3


Super Phos is an ideal means of supplementing the diet of sheep with both phophorus and calcium during periods of need. eg. Lambing.

Product application

✓6 hrs after Calcium Borogluconate injection

✓In cases of Phosphorus deficiency: Feed 60ml per day for 3 days (consult your Vet, regarding a longer term solution)

✓Fertility Support 3 – 4 weeks before mating

✓Any animal with a depressed appetite daily until appetite recovers.

Feeding Instructions

  • Sheep: 60ml
  • Lamb: 30ml
  • *Shake well before use.
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