Feed buffer for Dairy Cows, Beef Cattle, Calves & Sheep

RUMBUFF is a breakthrough in the search for an ideal buffering agent. It has many properties, which make it the only and obvious choice for inclusion in feeds where a buffering agent is desirable.

RUMBUFF is ideal for:

  • High Cereal Diets
  • Where high feed intakes are required
  • High starch diets and Spring/Summer grazing
  • Low quality silage or lush green grass
  • Cows that are cud coughing
  • Supporting the control of SARA
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✓Acid neutralising capacity of 24 meq/ gram, i.e. twice that of Sodium Bicarbonate

✓ Good palatability makes it possible to achieve good intakes by mixing the product in silage.

✓Highly effective in counteracting low rumen pH.

✓ Counteracts acidosis caused by low pH silage

Feeding Instructions

When feeding 4Kgs/Head/Day:
Include 1 x 20 Kgs (20 kg) per Ton of F F When feeding 2Kgs/Head/Day:
Include 2 x 20 Kgs (40 kg )per Ton of F F
RDA: 80gms/head/day Packed in 20kg bag

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