Pig Range
At Mervue our company mission is to discover and develop innovative animal nutrition based health products to support pig health and wellness from birth through to growth, production, reproduction and breeding. Each product in the Mervue Pig Range has been veterinary formulated to provide effective nutritional support to maximise health and performance in pigs worldwide

Farrow Max

Farrow Max Mervue
Supporting sows at Farrowing

✓Boosts piglet vitality

✓Decreased farrowing duration

✓ Improved appetite in sows after farrowing

✓Improved colostrum quality

✓Supports immunity, metabolism & liver function

Farrow Max Benefits
  • Boosts energy prior to farrowing
  • Decreases farrowing duration & reduces stillbirths
  • Improves piglet vitality
  • Boosts sow appetite after farrowing
  • Improves colostrum quality

Feeding Instructions

Feed 125g/sow/day with feed for 5 – 7 days prior to farrowing.

Place directly into feed trough. This product can be fed up to parturition. Do not feed once the sow has farrowed.

12.5kg drum – 100 Feeds per Bucket

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