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Heat Stress


Heat Stress Support

As climates around the globe warm and summers in many parts of the world become hotter, in addition to areas which have always had higher temperatures, the rearing of poultry has become much more challenging.

With higher temperatures feed intake will tend to decrease and water consumption will increase. The net result of this can
be reduced growth rates in broilers and turkeys and reduced egg production and impaired shell quality in layers.

Thermore Graphic

Active Ingredients:
✓ Electrolytes
✓ Sodium Bicarbonate
✓ Vitamin C

Feeding Instructions

To be added to drinking water at 500gm per 1000 litres up to 30°C. Above 30°C add 1000 gm per 1000 litres of water. To be used whenever electrolytes are required or are likely to be beneficial, including when birds are subject to heat stress. To be added to water at a rate of 500g per 500 litres.

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