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Milkshake Power-Colostrum Sachet


Milkshake Power-Colostrum is a nutritional supplement formulated for oral administration to new born calves where natural colostrum is not available or is of poor quality. The nutrition of the new born calf is of paramount importance for calf health and future profitability.

Feeding Power-Colostrum high energy colostrum substitute feed will give your calf the best start in life.


✓ Providing fuel for life

✓ High level of Energy

✓ High level of protein

✓ Supports Immunity of newborn calves

✓ Providing essential nutrients

✓ Reduces the risk of Hypothermia

Feeding Instructions

Feeding as a complete alternative to colostrum – 450g per feed.

Add all the contents of 450g sachet to 0.5L of warm water at 40°C. Mix thoroughly with a whisk until smooth. Mix in an additional 1.3 litres of warm water, making a total of approximately 1.8 litres. Feed immediately.

Feed entire mixture to the calf as soon as possible after birth. Feed via teat or where necessary via a stomach tube ensuring all feeding equipment is clean.

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